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The Wilderness Shop stocks Melbourne’s best range of cross country skis, boots, binding and poles. Whether you are looking for a pair of daytrip trail skis, skis for week long ski touring, or skis for off-piste and resort telemarking our friendly and experienced staff can find the right set-up for your needs. We also stock a wide range of MSR snowshoes, as well as a full range of ski accessories such as waxes, skins, ski goggles and ski glasses.








MSR Evo 
The MSR Evo snowshoe pivots as you walk, which allows for a natural gait unlike other snowshoes. Side and toe traction make the Evo suitable for steep and icy conditions. $319.95

MSR Evo Snowshoes

MSR Revo Explore

The MSR Rvo Explore snowshoe offers the maximum comfort, grip and reliability in  steep and icy conditions. Built-in climbing heel takes stress of your calf muscles when climbing long steep hills. $499.95


MSR Lightning Trail 
The MSR Lightning Trail is the lightest snowshoe in our range. Thanks to its ultralight and streamlined design, it’s an efficient, weight-saving choice for rolling terrain. Men’s and women’s models available. $499.95




Day touring skis


Madshus Voss MGV:

The Voss MGV is the ski for those who like to mix up a day on the trails at Lake Mountain, Falls and Dinner Plain, with the occasional foray off the groomed trails. The ski is relatively narrow and straight, so provides great glide and therefore conserves energy. A half metal edge gives good grip in icy conditions which makes it a great ski for beginners and seasoned skiers.  $429.95

Madshus Voss MGV

Backcountry touring skis


Madshus Eon:

The Eon is a little wider than the Voss MGV, so it is more comfortable off the groomed trails and has increased turning ability. The extra width over the Voss MGV makes it the ski for overnight pack carry touring. Rounding out the versatility of the Eon is its smooth glide on the groomed trails.

Madshus Eon

Fischer S-bound 78 (179cm):

The S-bound 78 is an off-trail ski touring ski with a straight tail for optimum glide and a wider tip for turn initiation. While excelling off-trail, the streamlined shape of the S-bound 78 also makes it ideally suited for daytrips to Lake Mountain, Mt Stirling and Falls Creek.  $459.95  SALE $130 off

Fischer sbound 78

Backcountry Telemark & Touring




Madshus Epoch:

The Epoch is a similar ski to the Eon, except it has wider tip and tail, with a deep side-cut. The sidecut will help with quick turn initiation and importantly helps link turns together. This is the ski for those who approach touring as a means to get out onto the backcountry slopes.  $599.95

Madshus Epoch

Madshus Annum:

The Annum takes the basic shape of the Epoch and beefs it up. Increased width for greater stability in steep terrain and for flotation in soft or cruddy snow. What you have here is a ski built for going downhill with control and purpose. Think of the Annum as a downhill  telemark  ski  with  a  patterned  base. $599.95

Madshus Annum

XC Boots




Alpina 1550 
The Alpina 1550 is an extremely comfortable and well insulated cross country skiing boot for trail skiing and light ski touring. The 1550 is an NBC boot which is compatible with either the Rottefella NBC Automatic or Manual binding.  $329.95

Alpina NBC 1550

Andrew Claut 

The Andrew Claut is a heavy-duty one piece leather boot ideally suited for trail use, overnight ski touring and light telemark use. The Claut is a 3-pin boot which is compatible with the Rottefella Supertelemark binding or any of the cable bindings.  $439.95

Andrew Claut

Andrew Zenith

The Andrew Zenith  is a heavy-duty one piece leather boot ideally suited for overnight ski touring and telemark use (where the  strap provides more power and control than in the Claut). The Zenith is a 3-pin boot which is compatible with the Rottefella Supertelemark binding. If looking for more turning control for telemark skiing then opt for a cable binding such as the Rottefella Chilli.  $489.95

Andrew Zenith

Scott Excursion

The Scott Excursion is a flexible plastic boot which offers comfortable touring and superior warmth. The excursion will provide significantly more turning control when telemark skiing than a leather boot.  The Excursion is a 3-pin boot which is compatible with the Rottefella Supertelemark binding, but is better suited to being paired with a cable binding. 


Alfa 344 BC Advance GTX

This is a premium backcountry ski boot, with a full-grain leather upper and Gore-Tex lining. Using the NBC binding system, it’s ideal for day touring on and off the trails in Australia’s alpine areas. $499.95




XC Bindings




Rottefella NBC Auto Binding
Rottefella NNN
Rottefella Supertelemark Binding

Rottefella NBC Auto

The Rottefella NBC Auto is a binding which is designed for groomed trail use.  $129.95

Rottefella NBC Manual

The Rottefella NBC Manual is a wider based NBC binding which is designed for trail use and light off-trail use. 

Rottefella NNN (kids)

The NNN bindings are narrow bindings designed for childrens boots. 

Rottefella Supertelemark

The Rottefella Supertelemark is a 3-pin binding suitable for daytrip, overnight touring and light telemark use.  $169.95









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