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The Wilderness Shop has a wide range of lightweight hiking tents to suit all applications. We stock tents for extreme alpine snow conditions, 4 season tents, 3 season tents and tents for base base camp and road touring. The Wilderness Shop stocks tents in all shapes and sizes including: 1 person, 2 person and 3 person tents, ultralight tents, multi-purpose and institutional tents. Come in and have a chat to our knowledgeable staff who can help find exactly the right tent for your purposes.




 Exped Tents

Exped Mira 2


Exped Venus II
Exped Venus Extreme II

Exped Mira 2 Inner

Incredibly light weight, generous living space and quick and easy setup. A freestanding, lightweight 3 season tent with ample space for two. Your gear easily fits in to the two vestibules and pockets in the canopy. The arch at the head end creates a steep wall lots of head space and makes the tent freestanding.
Mira 2: $619.95

Exped Venus II

The Exped Venus 2 has loads of space for two and their gear, plus the added benefit of dual entrances with large windows for terrific cross ventilation. Available in 2 configurations for serious outdoor extremes year round, the standard Polyester model and the Extreme are both 4 season tents.


Exped Gemini 2


Exped Gemini 3

Exped Gemini

Designed for the Australian Adventurer. A careful balance between light weight and durability, generous internal space, continuous pole sleeves for increased stability, quick set-up, vestibule design ensures no drips into tent interior.
Weight 2.4kg

Exped Gemini

Designed for the Australian Adventurer. A careful balance between light weight and durability, generous internal space, continuous pole sleeves for increased stability, quick set-up, vestibule design ensures no drips into tent interior.
Weight 2.8kg


Exped Carina II


Exped Carina IV


The Carina 2 is an ideal roomy two person tent with an extra-large vestibule storage area. The Carina 2 is a 3 season tent that weighs 2.6 kg.
SALE $489.95


This lightweight  tent is ideal for families, bike tourers, car campers or anyone looking for a compact 4 person tent. Tent weight is 2.9 kg.$849.95


Exped Spica II UL


Exped Cetus II UL


The perfect tent for those looking for an ultralight 2 person tent. The spica 2 UL has the Exped exoskeleton design with pole sleeves on the rain-fly for quick and dry set up. 3 season tent. Tent weight 1.65 kg $799.95


This ultralight 2 person tent has great ventilation and features the Exped exoskeletion design with pole sleeves on the rain fly for quick and dry set up. The Exped Cetus 2 UL is a 3 season tent that weighs 1.95 kg


Exped Venus III


Exped Mars II Extreme


This Four season tent offers lots of space for 4 people due to its generous canopy height. It also features Expeds free standing exoskeletion design. Tent weight 4.05 kg. $1099.95


This 4 season tent is spacious for tall sleepers and has practical storage space at one end.
Weight Max 3.3kg Min 2.9kg




 Mont Tents

Mont Moondance 1


Mont Moondance 2 Tents

Mont Moondance 1

The Moondance 1 weighing in at 1.53kg,  is a true ultralight  1 person tent for those looking to shed weight, while maintaining tough floors and great ventilation.  $599.95


The Mont Moondance 2 is a 2 person tent that is freestanding (1.9 kg trail weight) with plenty of head room and is quick  to pitch. Steep walls give you the maximum living space out of the tents  footprint. The floor is very durable and waterproof (10,000mm waterhead). Mesh inner $749.95. Full inner $799.95.


Mont Moondance EX


Mont Firefly


A two to three person model of the perennially popular Moondance series of tents from Australia’s own Mont Equipment. If you want generous internal space without the associated weight then this is the tent for you. Mesh inner $799.95. Full Nylon inner $849.95


The Firefly is lightweight spacious two person bushwalking tent perfect for those who need a bit more space than what most ultralight tents offer. The Firefly is easy to erect, has plenty of vestibule space and has plenty of ventilation.  $689.95


Mont Stargazer


Mont Eddie


The Stargazer is a two person 3 to 4 season tent. It features quality components such a DAC Pressfit ploes and a 70 Denier 10,000mm waterhead PU laminated Nylon floor. The Stargazer weighs 2.8kg. $569.95


The Eddie is an extra tough tent available in a two or three person version. The Simple design is easy to pitch and the materials are extremely tough. The 2 person tent weighs 2.9kg. The three person tent weighs 3.48kg
Mont Eddie 2 person $529.95
Mont Eddie 3 person $629.95


Mont Epoch




The Mont Epoch is a true two person expedition tent. The five pole design makes this tent extremely stable in high winds and the two vestibules give ample storage space for all your outdoor gear. The tent weighs 3.8kg.
Mont Epoch 2 person $1149.95






Wilderness Equipment Tents

WE Space 1


WE 1st & 2nd Arrow UL


Spacious 1 person tent that is super  light. Inner tent is completely free standing, outer tent requires two pegs to erect. Tent weight for Summer Model is 1.47 Kg. Tent weight for Winter Model is 1.61 kg.
WE Space 1 Summer $669.95
WE Space 1 winter $669.95


The WE First and Second Arrow are  classic tapered tunnel tents. With outstanding aerodynamics, high strength, brilliant space distribution, unequalled convective and forced flow-through ventilation, the Arrow tents offer year-round versatility.  1st Arrow: $999.95 / 2nd Arrow: $799.95


WE Space 2 Winter


WE I-Explore 2
WE I-Explore 3


The WE Space 2 is a two person lightweight  (1.81kg) tent  which can be used in conjunction with adjustable walking or ski poles to create a four season shelter.   $749.95

WE I-explore

The I-Explore tents have strong performance in all backpacking conditions: stability and strength in high wind, generous floor space for two tall occupants, good head room, independent access and vestibule space for each, good cross-ventilation and the convenience of free-standing set-up.
Models 2 : $629.95 / 3: $649.95


WE I-Shadow




The I-Shadow is a single pole tent ideal for Backpacking and School groups. The tent is a 3 season that weighs 2.75 kg. It is designed to fit 2/3 people.  $599.95







Salewa Denali II




The Salewa Denali II offers all the features at an excellent price. Semi mesh doors and two high vents for air flow. The Denali II is a 2 person tent that weighs in at 2.73kg.












Outdoor Research



OR Aurora Bivy


OR Helium Bivy

OR Aurora Bivy

With all the weather protection you need and none of the weight you  don't, the Aurora Bivy lets you sleep soundly through the night without  having to lug a heavy tent to the campsite. The 3-layer GORE-TEX®  Respiration Positive™ fabric allows you to breathe comfortably while  managing condensation and shielding from rain and snow. $449.95


The Outdoor Resarch Helium Bivy is OR’s lightest waterproof bivy. The single-pole design gives you breathing space above your head. Designed for fast-and-light solo missions, it has a durable 100% nylong 70D floor with TPU lamination and a Pertex Shield+
2.5L outer.


OR Alpine Bivy



OR Aurora Bivy

The Alpine Bivy has everything you need for long nights above tree line. The GORE-TEX® Respiration
Positive™ fabric offers complete protection from rain and snow storms  without collecting interior condensation, the overlapped zipper opening  allows you to breathe freely without letting in the weather, and the  single pole can be used to create overhead space or left at the  trailhead to save weight. $529.95









Hennessy Hammocks


Rab Ascent Bivi




Lightweight, waterproof bivvy. Designed for everything from general camping to alpine expeditions. Fabric: 3-layer 40D eVent. Weight 625g. $349.95

Hennessy Hammock

The innovation in hammocks! All Hennessy Hammocks come complete with attached mosquito netting, detachable rain fly, support ropes, and stuff sack with set up instructions on back.  prices from $159.95


Rab Ridge Raider Bivy




Lightweight, waterproof bivvy designed for solo mountain use. Bathrub floor with a free-standing pole design (1 pole)  to give you some breathing space. There’s also a mesh door. Weight 1033g. $499.95



Tent Reviews



Exped Venus II tent review


The Exped Venus 2  tent has proved to be a very adaptable tent for unpredictable Australian conditions. Things I like about the Venus II tent are many, and here is a short list based on my experience: The large side entry vestibules provide easy access, have enough room for a large pack, yet still leave enough room for cooking and getting in and out of the tent; The Venus II is a light 4 season tent (2.7Kg trail weight) and has dealt well with south-west Tasmanian wind and snow. The poles slide through sleeve poles which adds greatly to the strength. The inner is connected to the fly so pitching is quick and dry in wet weather and the floor is durable and waterproof (10,000mm); The internal walls of the tent are either steeply pitched or vertical which makes it feel very roomy (I am 6” tall), there are lots of internal pockets and two people can sit side-by-side at the doors playing cards or eating dinner in inclement weather. The tent is warm in cold weather, and in warm weather the majority of the side walls zip out as fly mesh to encourage good venting.
Other Exped Tents you may consider are the Auriga and the Sirius 2.


Mont Moondance 2 tent review



The Mont Moondance II tent appears to us, to be the least compromised lightweight two person tent on the market. It is a freestanding tent (1.9 kg trail weight) with plenty of head room, is quick  to pitch and all parts of the pitch are taught. The internal walls block wind and sand on the lower half and provide a well ventilated mesh on the upper half. Steep walls give you the maximum living space out of the tents  footprint. The floor is very durable and waterproof (10,000mm waterhead), unlike some lightweight tent which rely upon an extra footprint. The vestibules are on the sides, in which you can stow a pack, boots and a bit more. I have had the Moondance II in driving rain and it has kept me bone-dry, and it has dealt well with light snowfalls. It is possible to set up the fly first if it is raining while pitching the tent. Minimum peg requirement is 2 (for vestibules) in fine weather, 6 in windy weather and 8 in foul weather. The fly has double zips with a smooth action and a 'rounded' vestibule opening which makes it easy to get in and out. I have used my Mont Moondance II for over a year now, in all seasons and conditions and have found it extremely liveable tent. The Moondance 1 is also available: a single person model at a even further reduced  weight, and the Moondance 3 offers room for 3 at low weight, or as a palatial 2 person tent.





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