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Finding the right sleeping mat can have a huge effect on how comfortable you are on your trip. The Wilderness Shop stocks around 30 different mats from Exped and Thermarest, all suitable for different purposes. We stock mats for snowy alpine conditions, ultralight bushwalking, school camps and even mats suitable for visit relatives staying on the loungeroom floor. We have most our mats inflated and ready for you to try out to test the differences.


exped sleeping mats

exped downmat
down sleeping mat

exped downmat ul winter
warm sleeping mat


Exped DownMat sleeping mats are the ultimate hiking mat; providing low weight, maximium warmth and durability. Available in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses. Includes integrated pump.
7M: 855g   $279.95 EASTER SPECIAL: $233.96
7LW: 1100g   $319.95
9M: 960g   $319.95
9LW: 1220g   $369.95

Available in-store.

The Exped Downmat UL Winter sleeping mat is made with the same exacting standards as the DownMat series, but uses an ultralight face fabric to save valuable grams in your pack. Includes an Exped Schnozzle Pumpbag for inflation.
Weight: 630g
  Available in-store.



exped downmat winterlite
down sleeping mat

exped synmat
warm synthetic sleeping mats


Exped DownMat WinterLite down sleeping mats are ultralight sleeping mats that are tapered to provide maximum comfort and warmth at the lowest possible weight. Includes Exped Schnozzle Pumpbag for inflation.
M: 475g   $329.95
MW: 615g   $379.95

Available in-store.

Exped SynMat sleeping bags are similar to Exped DownMats, only they use synthetic insulation instead of down. Available in a  range of sizes and thicknesses. Includes integrated pump.
7M: 835g   $189.95
7LW: 1090g   $209.95
9LW: 1155g   $219.95

Available in-store.



exped synmat ul
ultralight sleeping mat

exped sim hyperlite
sleeping mats



Exped Synmat UL sleeping mats are ultralight, highly insulated air mattresses. These sleeping mats for hiking are the ultimate choice for hikers who want to drastically reduce pack weight without compromising on comfort. All sleeping mats in the Exped Synmat UL range now come with a lightweight, packable Exped Schnozzel Pumpbag for inflation.
S: 415g   $199.95
M: 475g   $219.95
Winter M: 585g   $239.95
Available in-store.

Exped SIM Hyperite sleeping mats are self-inflating and designed to provide maximum comfort at minimum weight. The mats are 3.8cm thick.
XS: 350g, $139.95   SALE $99.95
S: 455g, $159.95   SALE $119.95
M: 480g, $179.95   SALE $139.95
Available in-store.



exped sim
self-inflating sleeping mats

exped sim ul duo lw
two-person sleeping mat



Exped SIM Mats are foam-filled and self-inflating sleeping mats designed to provide maximum comfort with a durable face fabric.
Lite 3.8M: 730g   $139.95
3.8M: 870g   $119.95
Available in-store.

The lightest of our double mats, the Exped SIM UL DUO LW weighs only 1740g. At 125 x 197cm, this mat will fill most two-person hiking tents.
Weight: 1740g
$329.95    Available in-store.



exped sim comfort
self-inflating sleeping mats

exped megamat
ultimate sleeping mat


Exped SIM Comfort sleeping mats are self-inflating mats designed for maximum comfort. Available in 5cm, 7.5cm and 10cm thicknesses. The SIM Comfort series provides maximum lumbar support.
5M: 855g   $159.95
7.5LW: 1860g   $249.95
7.5 Duo: 3290g   $399.95
10LW: 2135g   $269.95
Available in-store.

The Exped Megamat is the most comfortable mat ever! Extra wide, extra long, extra thick and extra comfortable.
10LXW: 2575g   $339.95
Duo: 4500g   $499.95
Available in-store.



thermarest sleeping mats

thermarest prolite plus
self-inflating sleeping mats

thermarest prolite
self-inflating sleeping bag


Thermarest Prolite Plus mats are self-inflating sleeping mats that are 3.8cm in height. They're available in a range of sizes, including a women's specific model. The tapered design keeps weight to a minimum while retaining the comfort that Thermarest mats are famous for.
119cm: 400g   $209.95
168cm: 680g   $239.95
183cm: 680g   $239.95
Available in-store.

Thermarest Prolite sleeping bags are self-inflating sleeping mats that are 2.5cm high. Available in a range of sizes, including a women's specific model. The tapered design keeps weight to a minimum while retaining the comfort that Thermarest sleeping mats are famous for.
119cm: 310g   $189.95
168cm: 460g   $209.95
183cm: 460g   $209.95
Available in-store.




sleeping bag reviews



"On a recent overnight bushwalking trip in the Wonnangatta Valley, I tested out the Exped SynMat 7 sleeping mat. I found the unique, built-in pump system very easy to use; quite different to inflating it with your breath. Also, with two valves, it is very quick to deflate and pack away. The Exped SynMat 7 sleeping mat is much thicker than most lightweight mats on the market, which makes it extremely comfy. Plus, the extra warmth (due to the synthetic fill) is great for my winter trips or for people who enjoy a good night's sleep in outdoors."—NICK




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