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Climbing shoes are the essential tool for the rock climber. The Wilderness Shop is staffed by dedicated climbers who have devoted decades of their lives into the sport. We know that more than any other piece of kit, a good pair of rock shoes will help you navigate your way through the vagaries of a blank wall. Which is why we stock Melbourne’s best range of climbing shoes from La Sportiva and Red Chili for indoor gym, sport, bouldering and trad climbing. We have climbing holds in-store so you can compare the performance of the different models. Our experienced staff will ensure that you get the right fit.



beginner climbing shoes


red chili durango velcro climbing shoe

Red Chili Durango Velcro climbing shoes are the perfect first pair. Affordable and durable, the shoe is relatively soft and sensitive, and will take you well into the intermediate grades. Velcro closure ensures snug fit every time and quick on-and-off.
$139.95    Available in-store.




red chili spirit speed rock climbing shoe

Perfect first pair of climbing shoes, which, like the Red Chili Durango, are a little softer and more sensitive and will take you well into the intermediate grades. Comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Tends to fit most people well, thanks to the lace closure.
$159.95     Available in-store.
SALE $99.95    Limited Sizes




la sportiva tarantulace men’s climbing shoe

These climbing shoes are a good, durable perfect first pair that will take you well into the intermediate grades. Quality construction and design from renowned climbing brand La Sportiva. Comfortable to wear for long periods of time, yet with good edging capability.
$159.95    Available in-store.




la sportiva tarantulace women’s climbing shoe

Women's climbing shoes that make a perfect first pair. These women's climbing shoes will take you well into the intermediate grades. Comfortable to wear for long periods of time, yet with with good edging capability. Designed for a narrower, lower volume foot.
$159.95    Available in-store.




la sportiva tarantula climbing shoe

The Velcro version of the La Sportiva Tarantulace is similarly comfortable and performs similarly well as a good-quality beginner shoe. The Velcro closure makes it easy and quick to get in and out of.
$159.95    Available in-store.



rock climbing shoes for intermediate climbers


la sportiva mythos climbing shoe, men’s

The La Sportiva Mythos is a long-time favourite amongst climbers: from beginners to the very experienced. Once upon a time, the La Sportiva Mythos was a groundbreaking competition climbing shoe. These days, it's perfect for mid-grade multi-pitch routes due to its super comfortable fit and ability to stretch when your feet are swelling on the 3rd pitch. Sensitive enough for experienced climbers, yet comfortable enough for beginners. Italian made.
$209.95     Available in-store.




la sportiva mythos women’s climbing shoes

The women's version of the La Sportiva Mythos climbing shoe. Like the men's, only it's designed for narrower, lower volume feet. Still, it's a favourite among beginner climbers, as well as those with decades of experience. It's the perfect shoe for long, wandering multipitches at Arapiles.
$209.95     Available in-store.




la sportiva finale climbing shoe, men’s

The La Sportiva Finale is an Italian-made, high quality shoe that is ideal for trad climbing. It edges well, thanks to 5mm XS Edge Vibram rubber. This climbing shoe fits like a glove thanks to an unlined leather upper.
$199.95    Available in-store.




la sportiva finale women’s climbing shoe

The Women’s La Sportiva Finale climbing shoe is like the men’s version, only it's designed with a lower volume foot in mind. It too uses 5mm XS Edge Vibram rubber for edging. The well-defined toe box allows precision.
$199.95     Available in-store.




la sportiva katana men’s climbing shoe

With the Katana, La Sportiva found the midpoint between comfortable, all-day shoes and foot-crushing technical shoes. No wonder it has been our most popular shoe for quite some time!
$249.95    Available in-store.




la sportiva katana women’s climbing shoe

The women's La Sportiva Katana is designed with a narrower, lower volume foot in mind. It still shares the same feel as the men's version: renown for its edging performance, yet possible to wear all day.
$249.95    Available in-store.




red chili spirit impact climbing shoe, men’s

All-round, Velcro climbing shoe in a men’s model. Suitable for beginner and intermediate climbers who are looking for a shoe that will take them into the higher grades. Surprisingly sensitive and powerful climbing shoes.
$179.95    Available in-store.




red chili spirit impact climbing shoe, women’s

All-round, Velcro climbing shoe in a women’s model. Suitable for beginner and intermediate climbers who are looking for a shoe that will take them into the higher grades. Surprisingly sensitive and powerful climbing shoes.
$179.95    Available in-store.



rock climbing shoes for advanced climbers


la sportiva otaki climbing shoe, men’s

The La Sportiva Otaki is a precise, supportive and structured climbing shoe. Ideal for both sport climbing and bouldering, this is the ideal shoe if you're looking for your first 'aggressive' performance shoe.
$269.95    Available in-store.




la sportiva otaki women’s climbing shoes

The La Sportiva Otaki climbing excels on small edges. Striking a balance between comfort and precision, a tensioned rand helps maintain downturn over the life of the shoe and gives you power in the toe.
$269.95     Available in-store.




la sportiva miura lace climbing shoe

Ideal for technical face climbing and other situations where precise footwork is a must. Very sensitive underfoot and, once worn in, delightfully comfortable for such a technical shoe.
$249.95    Available in-store.




la sportiva skwama climbing shoe

The La Sportiva Skwama climbing shoe has a slipper-like design that delivers a mix of power and sensitivity. Marrying aggressive performance features with unconventional flexibility, this unique rock climbing shoe slabs well. Performs well both indoors and outdoors.
$259.95     Available in-store.




la sportiva miura vs climbing shoe, men’s

The La Sportiva Miura VS is not really like the lace version at all, apart from the type of foot shape it's designed to fit. This is a super aggressive, highly structured, highly downturned shoe that will support you on tiny footholds in extremely steep terrain. Ideal for sport climbers and boulderers who need a precise, supportive climbing shoe.
$249.95    Available in-store.




la sportiva miura vs climbing shoe, women’s

The women’s La Sportiva Miura VS is a high-performance shoe has an aggressive profile, making it ideal for ‘grabbing’ footholds on steep terrain. Designed for a narrower, lower volume foot.
$249.95    Available in-store.




la sportiva solution climbing shoe

The La Sportiva Solution is the perfect shoe for hard bouldering problems and sports climbs. The La Sportiva Solution excels in precise footwork, heel and toe hooks and is suprisingly comfortable. Soft and sensitive, yet structured, the La Sportiva Solution is the choice of top climbers around the world.
$269.95    Available in-store.



kids’ climbing shoes


la sportiva gripit, kids’ climbing shoe

A kid’s climbing shoe with No Edge Technology borrowed from La Sportiva’s high-end performance shoes. In this case, it helps promote natural foot movement and proprioception in growing kids’ feet.
$119.95    Available in-store.



rock climbing approach shoes



Approach shoes that are very light, very low-profile. For technical approaches or multipitch climbing or guiding. Laces down to the toe for a snug fit, allowing you high precision. Men’s and women’s models.
$219.95    Available in-store.




la sportiva boulder x APPROACH SHOES

The famous La Sportiva Boulder X has a sticky Vibram® sole, making it an ideal shoe for tackling scrambly terrain. With a lot of support, this is a popular choice among climbers carrying heavy packs into the crag.
$229.95    Available in-store.




la sportiva tx4 approach shoes

A lightweight, technical approach shoe designed for climbers. With a suede leather upper and lacing system borrowed from the Mythos, the TX4 has a highly adjustable fit. The toebox is wrapped in a rand, and it has a Vibram® MegaGrip sole.
$229.95     Available in-store.



choosing rock climbing shoes

Finding a rockclimbing shoe can be a very confusing task. There are lace-ups, Velcro shoes, 'neutral' climbing shoes and 'aggressive' climbing shoes. Trying to differentiate between the shoes and then finding one that suits your foot is a mammoth task, but La Sportiva from Italy has come up with a helpful way of trying to categorise their shoes.

La Sportiva breaks down their shoes into three basic different types of fits. There are shoes with low asymmetry, medium asymmetry and those with high asymmetry. They then classify shoes depending on whether the toe is pointed (p) or rounded (r), and whether the shoe is pointing downward or neutral (n). These simple categories help us all know the differences between the shoes and which might be a more suitable one. Below is a representative sample of shoes that we have.

High asymmetry: Solution (pd), Miura VS (pd), Miura Lace (pd)
Medium asymmetry: Katana (pd), Finale (pn), Mythos (rn), Red Chili Spirit Impact (rn)
Low asymmetry: Tarantulace (rn), Red Chili Spirit (rn), Red Chili Durango (rn)

Shoes that have a low asymmetry are the most comfortable for longer climbs, while those with a high asymmetry will give you the best performance on high-grade climbs with cracks and tiny edges.

It is important to find the correct balance between comfort and performance, and a shoe to suit your level of climbing. As always, feel free to ask any staff about our great range of rock climbing shoes.




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