The Wilderness Shop Box Hill

Victoria is one of the best trad climbing areas in the world with places like Arapiles and the Grampians. To make it to the top you’re going to need more than a rope and a few quickdraws! The Wilderness Shop has a bedazzling array of cams and nuts in all shapes and sizes from DMM, Wild Country and the revered Alien Cams. Staff at The Wilderness SHop have decades of experience and are here to help you whether you just need to replace a single nut, or you’re building your first rack.






Camming Devices


DMM Dragon Cams


Wild Country New Friends

The hot forged Dragon cams utilise a double axle and flexible stem to give more usable range in the cam. This means that you won’t need to carry as many cams to cover the full range of cam sizes.

Back in the late 70’s Wild Country introduced the first camming devices called ‘Friends. Several decades of refinement and now we have the New Friends, still with Ray Jardines original 13.75 degree cam angle.


Alien Revolution Cams


Alien Evolution cams

Alien cams are the best thin crack protection. The Alien Revolution units, now made by Fixe Hardware, excel in pin scars and technical placements. They are 20% lighter than the originals, with an ergonomic thumb pull.

Alien cams excel in small marginal placements. The use a softer alloy than other cams, so the metal will conform more to the shape of the rock. The head size is also very narrow, which helps in shallow placements.







DMM Wallnuts


WC Anodised Rocks

The groove in the head of the nut allows it to grab onto crystals and inconsistencies in the rock for greater holding power. Available individually or in sets.

Wild Country Rocks where the first nuts to introduced a tapered shape to the head of the nut which greatly increases the holding power. Available individually or in sets .  


WC Classic Rocks


WC Superlight Rocks

Classic Rocks are the ideal first set of nuts as they cover sizes 1-10, are easy for the 2nd to clean and are light. 

Superlight Rocks are a narrower profile nut on a single wire cable to reduce weight by 40%. The heads also have a slight taper to increase placement options. 





Micro Nuts




Dmm Brass Offsets

DMM IMP’s are a commercially manufactured variant of the RP’s. Unlike RP’s each nut is individually rated: size 1 4kN, sizes 2 & 3 5kN and sizes 4 & 5 7kN. These are the nuts to have with you when nothing else will fit on a long run-out section.  

Brass offsets cover the smaller offset sizes where the anodised offsets finish. The softer brass moulds to the shape of the rock for better hold. 


DMM Micro Wallnuts



Micro Wallnuts have a much larger surface area than brass micro nuts, which increases the chance that you placement will hold under the drag of your rope. Available in 4 sizes.






Offset Nuts


DMM Offsets


DMM Peanuts

DMM Offsets fit in flared cracks where other nuts simply won’t seat well. Once you have a set you start seeing placements everywhere! All sizes rated at 12kN.

Peenuts have a much larger surface area than brass offset nuts, which increases the chance that you placement will hold under the drag of your rope.


Wild Country Superlight Offsets



These lightweight offsets offer the same proven curve as Wild Country’s Rocks and Classic Rocks. These are hollowed out to reduce weight on your rack. Size 5–10.







DMM Torque Nuts


WC Rockcentrics

Torque nuts feature an extendable sling so that you don’t have to carry as many quickdraws. The 4 sizes cover all the common range of large crack sizes.

When the cracks and constriction get really large you know you can rely on Hexes to provide a bombproof placement. Also  individually or as a set.