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The enjoyment of camping out doesn’t have to end when the sun goes down. The Wilderness Shop stocks a large range lightweight high output LED head tourches for all purposes from Petzl, Black Diamond and Led Lenser. We stock headlamps to use around camp and read a book at night right up to the more powerful headlamps for walking or even running at night. Download our Headlamp Buying Guide to see side-by-side comparison of features, battery life, lumens, battery type and weight. We also stock Led Lenser handheld torches which are amongst the brightest, most compact and durable you can get. We have a dark room in store so that you can compare each model to find the one best suited to your needs.

Headlamps Buying Guide

Hiking headlamps




Petzl Reactic

 Petzl Reactic +

 Petzl Actic

Petzl Tikka





Petzl Reactik  Lumens 220 Distance 65 metres  Battery 3 hours 30min Weight 115 grams. Petzl rechargeable head torch. $149.95

Petzl Reactic+ Lumens 300 Distance 70 metres  Battery 2 hours 30min Weight 115 grams. Bluetooth smart and USB Rechargeable $189.95

Petzl Actic  Lumens 300 Distance 90 metres  Battery 60 hours Weight 85 grams. $79.95

Petzl Tikka Lumens 200 Distance 60 metres  Battery 60 hours Weight 86 grams. $59.95

Petzl Tikkina

Petzl e+Lite

Edelrid Tauri






Petzl Tikkina Lumens 150 Distance 55 metres  Battery 60 hours Weight 85 grams. $39.95

Petzl e+Lite Lumens 26 Distance 29 metres  Battery 70 hours Weight 27 grams. $52.95

Edelrid Lumens 280 Distance 120 metres  Battery 100 hours Weight 126 grams. $119.95  SALE $89.95


Black Diamond Icon

Black Diamond Revolt

Black Diamond Spot

Black Diamond Storm


black-Diamond- Revolt-



Black Diamond headlamp the Icon has 320 Lumens and has a range of 100 metres  Battery 175 hours Weight 230 grams. $149.95

Black Diamond head torch Revolt Features rechargeable.  Lumens 300 Distance 80 metres  Battery 30 hours Weight 100 grams. $119.95

Black Diamond Spot Lumens 200 Distance 80 metres  Battery 200 hours Weight 90 grams. $79.95

Black Diamond Storm Lumens 250 Distance 80 metres  Battery 60 hours Weight 110 grams. $99.95

Black Diamond Ion

Led Lenser Seo 7R

Led Lenser Neo






Black Diamond Ion  Lumens 80 Distance 38 metres  Battery 200 hours Weight 80 grams. $54.95

LED SEO 7R Lenser  Features focusable beam Lumens 220 Distance 130 metres  Battery 20 hours Weight 93 grams. $185.95

LED Lenser Neo Lumens 90 Distance 10 metres  Battery 40 hours Weight 54 grams. $49.95



Our Headlamp Brands

Petzl Headlamps

Petzl Headlamps

Petzl from France, has long been considered one the the world’s leading brands when it comes to innovation in headlamp design. The petzl range of headlamps has evolved from extensive field field testing in bushwalking, rogaining, mountain running and caving. The wilderness Shop stocks three unique Petzl models which are designed for different applications.

petzl headlamps in action


Black Diamond Headlamps

Black Diamond  Headlamps

Black Diamond’s range of headlamps include several unique features including dimmable light and the integration of different types of LED lights for use in different scenarios.
The Black Diamond Icon headlamp is a high powered headlamp with rear battery pack, which is  ideally suited for applications where bright light and long battery life are required, such as night walking and running and caving.
The Black Diamond Storm headlamp is a lightweight multi-function headlamp which can scroll between low output LED’s with good peripheral vision and high output LED’s which are more suited for long distance lighting uses.
The Black Diamond Spot headlamp is a lightweight multi-function headlamp which can scroll between low output LED’s with good peripheral vision and high output LED’s which are more suited for long distance lighting uses. The Spot usesone less battery than the storm so is not as bright, but the lower output gives it a longer battery life.

black diamond headlamp in action


Led Lenser Headlamps

Led Lenser Headlamps

The Led Lenser SEO 5 headlamp features an ultra high-powered LED which is dimmable and focusable. These features allow the headlamp to be used in several applications such as night running, bushwalking, rogaining and caving. When in dimmed mode the SEO 5 will also provide you with all the light you need for cooking, book reading and general use around camp. The focusable lense allows you to set how much peripheral light you need.
Led Lenser Hand Torches have for several years provided the ultimate in hand torch technology. Each model provides unparalelled brightness (lumens) in its class. Come and see for yourself in our darkroom.

 led lenser headlamp in action


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The Wilderness Shop has been servicing the needs of bushwalkers, hikers,  rock climbers and xc skiers in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne for over 30  years. The Wilderness Shop has a wide range of hiking gear and climbing equipment including hiking boots, tents (one man and two man), climbing equipment, sleeping bags and led headlamps. We also specialise in outdoor footwear: hiking shoes mens and womens, leather and gore-tex hiking boots. We stock quality canvas hiking packs, bushwalking rucksacks, lightweight trekking packs and quality daypacks. The Wilderness Shop have the best sleeping mats - the exped downmat and self inflating mats - and hiking sleeping bags as well as ultralight sleeping bags. Not to mention our range of trekking maps for Victoria, Tasmania and NSW. The Wilderness Shop is Melbourne's best rock climbing store, stocking a wide range of rock climbing harnesses, shoes and other rock climbing gear.