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With so many bits of equipment that need to be joined together, it’s hardly surprising that climbers get quite obsessive about quality carabiners. The Wilderness Shop a huge range of screw gate, wire gate, bent gate, solid gate and twist lock biners for all applications in steel and alloy from DMM, Wild Country, Faders, Fixe and Kong. 


HMS Belay Carabiners

DMM Belay Master


DMM Rhino

DMM Ceros





Belay carabiners don’t always behave as you might want them to. DMM came up with a special clip that once locked in position prevents cross loading occurring. Also, the  clip can only be locked if the screwgate has been properly closed first. 

The Aero is a great all-round belay biner with anti snag keylock nose, extremely generous  11.3mm rope radius and is  also a very strong biner The extra bulk of the Aero means greater resistance to wear and excellent heat dissipation.  

The ‘horn’ on the Rhino prevents assisted-locking belay devices rotating off the top  bar and on to the spine reducing the risk of cross loading, it also works well with normal belay devices. 

Like the DMM Rhino, the DMM Ceros has a ‘horn’ that helps stop assisted-locking belay devices from moving onto the spine of the carabiner. The Ceros has an additional internal wire gate that can be snapped onto your belay loop to further prevent cross-loading. The ultimate directional belay ‘biner!


DMM Boa Quicklock

BD Magnatron

BD Magnatron Gridlock





The Boa is large enough (but surprisingly light) to accommodate several knots and has a very wide gate  opening.  The large size of the Boa makes it particularly easy to handle. 

The Quicklock version DMM’s huge Boa carabiner has a double-action locking gate for situations where you need extra security.

The Black Diamond Magnetron GridLock uses the magnets to reinvent the auto-locking carabiner. Using two magnetic arms in the gate and a steel insert in the carabiner's keylock nose to create an ultra-secure, self-clearing and redundant locking mechanism.

The Gridlock shares the magnetic locking features of its cousin, but with the added benefit of a cross-loading ‘isolation’ feature, which ‘intuitively captures the belay loop’ and locks it in place when the gate is closed. 

DMM Boa Locksafe

Grivel Clepsydra Twin Gate

Grivel Mega K6G Twin Gate

Grivel K6N Screwgate





The Locksafe version of the Boa features a three-stage locking mechanism on the gate. This means the the gate will always be locked when closed. 

Grivel’s directional belay ‘biner with Grivel’s patented Twin Gate closure. There’s also an internal wire gate that snaps onto your belay loop nicely. The smooth, thick top bar is durable and ideal for smooth payout and belay wear.

Another beefy carabiner with a solid top bar. This one features Grivel’s signature Twin Gate closure (which, yes, you can operate one-handed!). With the Twin Gate and the solid bar, it is on the heavier side: 82g. But, it’s strong, at 27kN.

This beefy carabiner has a solid top bar that makes it suitable for belaying with. It’s otherwise a simple locking screwgate that is fairly narrow width-wise, which makes it easy to handle one-handed. 21kN

Locking carabiners

DMM Shadow

DMM Phantom

DMM Revolver Screwgate

DMM Revolver Locksafe





The Shadow is a lightweight locking biner suitable for a wide range of uses, from trad climbing right through to winter climbing. Features Keylock nose, Strong and light I-Beam construction and good handling qualities.

The Phantom is a super light locking biner weighing in at a measly 41 grams. Lighten up your rack with a few of these beauties and you will really start to feel the difference. Features keylock nose and Strong I-Beam construction. 

The Revolver features an unique pulley wheel which solves the age old problem of rope drag. The screw-gate version of the Revolver provides extra security, say for example when clipping crucial runners or in an emergency pulley system, the locking version is the better option. 

The locksafe Revolver features a three-stage locking mechanism on the gate. This means the the gate will always be locked when closed.  Ideally to suited for arborist work.

DMM Ultra O Screwgate

Grivel Delta K5N Screwgate

Grivel Sym K9G Twin Gate

BD Magnetron Vaporlock





Oval biners are important because they allow pulleys and other roping devices to sit in a correctly loaded and equalised position. The symmetrical shape also stops them shifting under load. Features: Generous rope radius and strong, lightweight I-Beam construction.

The Grivel Delta is another handy, all-round locking carabiner. Slightly larger than the Alpha, and more ‘HMS’ in shape, there’s more room in the basket of this ‘biner for multiple knots. It does have a shaped basket (to save weight) though, so it’s best as a rigging ‘biner rather than for belaying.

Oval carabiners like the Grivel Sym are useful for racking nuts. Alternatively, they’re also useful for rescue situations, or any rigging scenario where you might need a correctly loaded ‘biner. The twin gate snaps shut swiftly.

The Vaporlock is a general purpose biner for making anchors and the like. The magnetic gate ensures that your biner is locked at all times to ensure maximum strength.

Grivel Alpha K1N Screwgate

Grivel Plume Nut K3N Screwgate







The Grivel Alpha carabiner is a very comfortable size. Small enough to handle easily, yet a decent 27kN in strength, this is a versatile, general-purpose screwgate to have on
your rack.

This tiny screwgate measures just 90mm in length and weighs a very light 37g.This is a unique, handy carabiner for tight spots and is rated at a reasonable 20kN.



Steel Locking carabiners

Fixe steel D

Fixe steel Oval

Fixe Ilos autolock






The Fixe steel D is ideal for top rope  set-up due to their strength and durability. 

The Fixe steel oval provides extra strength and durability for oval biner applications. 

The Fixe Ilos is a strong and durable carabiner with a threee stage auto-lock mechanism. 


Solid gate carabiners

DMM Shadow

DMM Aero

DMM Ultra Oval






The Shadow is a classic climbing biner – strong and robust, as well as being light and easy to handle. It has a clean nose closure to reduce snagging when you are clipping or unclipping. Available in straight and bent gate.

The Aero Straight has a solid gate and a snag-free, clean-nose design; this gives the biner both toughness and excellent handling qualities. Available in straight and bent gate.

The Ultra O works exceptionally well in pulley systems. It is also the perfect racking biner. It can hold a large number of wires without the awkward bunching that tends to happen with a conventional asymmetric biner. 


Wire gate carabiners

DMM Phantom

WC Helium







At a miserly 28 grams the DMM Phantom can really lighten the load of your rack. Despite its weight, the Phantom is still rated at 23 kN.

The Wild Country Helium is a full sized carabiner with clean nose weighing onlly 33 grams.




DMM Alpha Sport

DMM Shadow

DMM Aero

DMM Phantom





The DMM Alpha Sport is probably the most ‘clip friendly’ biner ever made. The bent gate, with its flared-out barrel shape works in perfect harmony with the kinked and groove-patterned back bar.  It just feels so right, handles so well, and most importantly the rope always goes in first time.

The DMM Shadow is a truly excellent biner with I-Beam construction, and a superb combination of function, weight and strength .The inside of the biner has a deep basket to ensure that the rope is guided towards the spine for added safety.

The DMM Aero combines superb handling and functionality with exceptional strength and safety features. The robustness of this hot forged, solid gate biner makes it well suited to sport climbing and use on carrot bolts. It also has a large (24mm) gate opening and a clean nose design to reduce snagging.

The DMM Phantom is an incredibly light quickdraw, which seeing how many you have to carry can considerably lighten the weight of your rack. Despite their light weight the phantom is still a strong carabiner rated at 23kN. .