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With one of the best bouldering locations on earth on our doorstep it’s no surprise that the sport has really taken off. And while the Grampians might be a bit too far for a day trip (for most of us anyway), the proliferation of bouldering walls, training boards, and modern training methods means that there are a lot of fit a powerful climbers around these days. The Wilderness Shop stocks a wide range a bouldering mats in a variety of sizes and thicknesses. We also keep on hand quality bouldering brushes, clip-sticks, bouldering bags and of course chalk.



DMM Highball Pad


DMM Spot 2 Pad

The Highball is a hinged style mat with a great landing area. The heart  of the mat is a thick layer of open cell foam sandwiched between two  high density foam layers. This gives a good even distribution even when  from falling on uneven or rocky ground.

The Spot 2 is the ultimate lightweight hinge style pad:  firm enough to  provide good protection, yet extremely compact and easy to carry


Prana Bucket


DMM Edge Bucket

A fleece lined chalk compartment protects hands, a double-drawcord  closure protects against spills on the hike up, and brush holder pockets let you protect access to the crag. A velcro stash pocket holds keys  while you climb.

A fully featured chalk bucket; a zip pocket, a Velcro pocket and 4 brush slots let you keep tabs on all of the essentials; brushes, tape,  sandpaper and superglue.


DMM Chalk


Edelrid Chalk

The Wilderness Shop has a vast amount of DMM chalk. So if you like your chalk loose, in a ball, block,  or even in liquid format we’ve got the lot. Available in large and small quantities.

The Wilderness Shop has a vast amount of chalk. So if you like your chalk loose we have the lot. Edelrid Chalk Available in 300g bag.


The Agent Chalk


Grampians Bouldering

Come in store to see our range of The Agent (formerly 8C Plus) chalk, which includes blocks, chalk balls, crunchy chalk and loose powder.

The latest version of the definitive guidebook to bouldering in the Grampians, Victoria. Authored by Simon Madden et al, it includes a bunch of new areas that weren’t in the previous guide. Modern, colourful book.


Better Bouldering


Bouldering Essentials

How to book covering the basics through to advanced bouldering. Includes training techniques.

How to book covering the basics through to advanced bouldering. Includes training techniques.


Clif Bar


Edelrid Mantle

Nutritious, energy boosting, but most importantly... yummy. Available in a range of flavours.

This is a good-sized general-purpose bouldering mat. It isn’t too huge or too small, and will protect you well for most problems. The hardware and manufacturing standard of this mat is high quality, and it has lots of nifty features like an integrated foot mat, zip-together sides, ballistic nylon base, and more. Dimensions: 110 x 10 x 120cm. Weight: 5200g


Climb On


Wataaah! Brushes

We stock the Climb On Mini Bar, Climb On Lotion Bar and Climb On Creme. All of these products soothe and moisturise your skin and are lifesavers for boulderers with raw tips.

We stock two of Wataaah!’s brushes: ‘Small Brushy’ and ‘Big Brushy’. These are wooden brushes with natural bristles, which are perfect for using on rock or plastic.


Beta Sticks


DMM Finger Tape

The Wilderness Shop has a range of BetaSticks, including the Project Brush (left) and the BetaStick Evo Ultra Compact and Evo Super Standard (different lengths). The latter are stick-clips; an extremely useful device for the modern sport climber.

This climbing-specific tape is low-stretch for effective support. It is sticky too, to give a secure hold. 25mm x 10mm roll.