A climbing belay device is one of the most used pieces of equipment in rock climbing. The Wilderness Shop stocks a wide range of belay devices from brands DMM, Petzl and Wild Country. We have 'ATC' belay devices, tubular belay devices and assisted-braking belay devices, such as the Petzl GriGri.

belay devices for rock climbing

petzl gri gri
assisted-braking belay device

PETZL gri gri+
assisted-braking belay device


The updated Petzl GRIGRI belay device accepts an increased range of rope diameters (now 8.5 to 11mm). Compact and relatively lightweight, Petzl has made tweaks to the design to make it more ergonomic.
Available in-store.

The Petzl GRIGRI+ belay device with assisted braking and anti-panic handle, for single rope diameters. It may be used on all 8.9 to 10.5mm dynamic single ropes. Compact and relatively lightweight, the Petzl GRIGRI+ features descent control and an anti-panic system that makes it ideal for beginners. Used by lead climbers at North Walls Indoor Climbing Gym.
$219.95 Available in-store.



dmm mantis
belay device

dmm pivot
belay device with guide mode


The classic belay device made better. The high-performance geometry of the DMM Mantis belay device makes it incredibly lightweight and versatile. It has two friction modes and specially shaped rope groves that ensure optimum braking for a wide variety of ropes.
$44.95 Available in-store.

The DMM Pivot guide mode belay device is a high-performance belay device. It features an innovative 'pivot' system that allows greater control and safety when you're lowering a climber in Guide Mode.
Available in-store.



edelrid eddy
semi-automatic belay device

edelrid ohm
assisted-braking resistor


The Edelrid Eddy is a semi-automatic belay device with assisted braking. It’s very easy to operate and is designed to be used for sport climbing and indoor climbing. Used by lead climbers at Bayside Rock Indoor Climbing.
Available in-store.

The Edelrid Ohm is an assisted-braking resistor. It replaces your first quickdraw and is designed to add friction to the system, to make catching falls a less violent action. Essentially, it’s Edelrid’s solution for climbing partners with a large weight difference (a heavy climber and light belayer). Only designed for use on sport climbs. Approved for use at various indoor climbing gyms, including Hardrock Climbing Gyms and North Walls Indoor Climbing.
Available in-store.



edelrid mega jul
belay device with guide mode

edelrid jul 2
belay device


The Edelrid Mega Jul belay device is an incredibly lightweight belay device with guide mode. The clever design of this device makes for smooth lowering in guide mode. A  highly versatile device, it can be used for belaying a leader, lowering a climber, belaying a second from above, lowering a second from above and abseiling. It takes a single or two ropes. Suitable for 7.8-10.5mm double and twin ropes.
$64.95 Available in-store.

The Edelrid Jul 2 belay device is an innovative belay device with high braking performance for single ropes. The optimised Edelrid Mega Jul geometry ensures easy and secure belaying even with thicker ropes. Suitable for 8.9 to 11mm single ropes.
$59.95 Available in-store.



dmm bug
belay device




The DMM Bug belay device is simple and classic. The Bug is slick enough to allow a quick release of rope, just when it’s needed, but secure enough to allow a firm lock-down in the event of a fall. With slightly more mass than most other belay devices, the DMM Bug belay device provides superb control and remarkably good heat dissipation on rappel. It is designed to work within the 8.5–11mm rope diameter range.
$34.95 Available in-store.







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